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The experience

Since they started out more than 125 years ago, Montaraz have maintained the traditional production process, respecting century old salting and curing processes in natural drying sheds. Salt and patience have always been our only preservation secrets. The serenity of the process has been inherited from the past, an ancestral expertise that has been handed down from father to son for four generations of master ham makers.


The Iberian pig is an excellent animal. Its purity is found in its untamed, wild character. However, and above all, it is differentiated the word over thanks to its long, fine legs.

A smooth, creamy texture which is the result of thousand of years of natural selection in a isolated setting.


The moment of inspiration comes when you can appreciate all the nuances of Montaraz Iberian Ham. A ceremony in which trained smell and taste welcome the harmony between what is sweet and what is sweet and what is savoury.


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